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What is cylinder resleeving, when is it necessary and how is it done?

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So you’ve established that it’s time to restore your engines cylinders. Now the question is should you just bore the cylinder or resleeve it? In the previous article "Choosing what piston and size when reboring [...]

Cylinder Boring: What is it, When is it Necessary & How is it Done?

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Whether you have a motorcycle, outboard engine, some sort of powersport vehicle or an ATV, boring an engine’s cylinders is an important step in the engine rebuilding process and is an economical way of repairing [...]

Choosing the correct bore and piston size when reboring or resleeving

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In the previous article (What is cylinder boring and how is it done?) we explained the process of cylinder boring and the tooling and knowledge required. We mentioned that deciding what size to bore to [...]

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