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Orlando Florida Welding Services

Orlando Florida Welding Services

PCI provides a full range of steel services for both the private and commercial sectors including repair, manufacturing and fabrication for both structural and ornamental projects.

Tig Welding: (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) Because aluminum is so widely used in the majority of engine cases, transmission cases and wheels we find Tig welding to meet the requirements of most repairs. Tig welding allows us to fill gaps and flow the weld in areas
Mig Welding: When production is needed we use Mig welding to meet that requirement.

Certified Mig & Tig welders.


  • Interior/Exterior Railings
  • Walkway/Courtyard Gates
  • Driveway Gates
  • Fences
  • Security Doors
  • Wrought Iron Panels & Inserts
  • Grills/Fire Pits
  • Furniture
  • Brackets/Hinges

Structural Welding

  • Ladders
  • Brackets / Braces

Repair Welding

  • Engine & Transmission Cases
  • Bent and Cracked Wheels
  • Vehicle / Cycle Frames